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About: Lady – Twerk (video)

The 1st Official Single by Lady after some notable warm-up tracks in heavy rotation throughout GA and FL

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  1. 16 April 11, 2:21pm

    then some girls wonder why boys desrespect us pfffff….. look doz hoes that dey shake dey booty… dey look like horny dogs !!!! DAMN GIRLS BE SEXY DOESNT MEAN TO BE A HOE!!!!!!

  2. SPILL IT!!!
    04 February 12, 4:10pm

    I agree… This is just some country skany hoe a$$ mess! #sonotsexy

  3. 25 June 12, 1:08am

    I don’t know why plies&brother sign her she is not steding examples for teenager girls or black women she so call her self being a lady but that name is a lie she is not no lady and I dont like her at all I hope big gates drop her plus she really isn’t a rapper with her little girl mouth lady it didn’t make it will me but plies u an ur brother need to let her go she nasty

  4. Corey Chambers
    26 August 12, 3:25am

    Lady’s Twerk just works. Lady is brave and genuine enough to deliver her erotic expressions in a preciously open and upfront manner. Lady knows that her inner strength and unflinching artistic integrity are powerfully sexy and smart assets.

    • Corey Chambers Fan
      09 October 12, 10:09am

      That’s an interesting insight Corey. Would it be valuable, however, to also examine the perspectives shared her target audience – mainly affluent, Caucasian housewives and mothers? Is her message to them one of inclusive liberation or elitist exclusion? Is she using her intelligence, talent and demure beauty in this example to inspire or disparage?

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