Whitney Houston was SACRIFICED by the ILLUMINATI for the Jubilee of the Queen Elizabeth! (1/2)

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About: Whitney Houston was SACRIFICED by the ILLUMINATI for the Jubilee of the Queen Elizabeth! (1/2)

In the last two days or so, I took part in several threads in conspiracy forums, where the death of Whitney Houston was discussed and whether she was murdered in an occult ritual by the Illuminati. A lot of information surfaced these days, pointing out to this dramatic conclusion. The synchronicity of several creepy events, kabbalistic numbers decoded out of dates, blatant satanic rituals on American live TV and occult symbols surround her death and invariably suggest that she as sacrificed, believe it or not, for the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen of England, Elizabeth 2nd.

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  1. 21 February 12, 9:59am

    This video is basically saying to me, that the Illuminati is “GOOD” and represents “TRUTH” and “LIGHT” and “KNOWLEDGE” because VENUS, the morning star, LUCIFER, the bringer of light, the light bearer, (who IS NOT THE SAME CHARACTER AS SATAN), is bad or ‘evil’ or as you say, ‘creepy.’

    You are saying that something that is part of NATURE, ie. VENUS, the third brightest spot in the sky after the SUN and the MOON, and comes up in the morning to bring in the “LIGHT” is bad?? WTF?

    This is exactly where you guys continually screw up in your interpretations and make huge messes out of the real occult symbolism of the “ILLUMINATI.”

    Simple common sense can be applied here. Worshipping a part of NATURE, like the sun, stars, moon, grass, flowers, whatever isn’t evil or bad. ESPECIALLY worshipping something in Nature that brings us LIGHT! So, if the Illuminati, according to you, is creepy because they are worshipping something that is bringing us LIGHT (not darkness) than it’s YOU guys that are the CREEPS, IMO.

    Here is your homework assignment: Go do research on the difference between LUCIFER and SATAN. And do NOT use any of the “Illuminati” books of lies and enslavement (Bibles, Torah, Talmud, Qurans) to get your info.

    Cheese and crackers, this is silliness. I HAIL ANYONE that brings in the light and truth! And sacrificing a crappy pop singer who has been on drugs all her life and in an abusive relationship is an INSULT to VENUS and “the Queen of England” !!!!!

  2. MarshaleeSenaOkhiria
    22 February 12, 9:43pm

    how can killing innocent people be something good? how can sacrificing be something good? how can killing thousands of people in 9/11 be something good? i dont see anything good about illuminati

  3. VeeGray
    23 February 12, 9:08am

    Heathen.. For one please remember a young girl has lost her mother and a mother has lost her daughter and secondly Whitney Houston was not a crappy pop singer by any means not sure there will EVER be a voice like hers again and if you do your research you will find in recent times before her death Whitney Houston was on a comeback both vocally and personally you are just seeing what the media wants you to see, you appear to be someone who just takes what the media says and think it’s gospel. The media is purely there for the manipulation of the masses and control, and the media are controlled by a much more powerful group of elite people of whom tell them what to say when to say it and how to say it that’s the realism of it nothing is ever positive it’s all negative .. Whitney may have done drugs in the past but until you have walked in their shoes and seen it through their eyes I fail to see how you can possibly pass judgement on someone who brought so many people joy and happiness and even saved people through her songs..She was not just an entertainer Heathen she was also a humanitarian did you know that??? oh hang on I don’t really think the media actually broadcast that one…. If you were in the entertainment industry yourself I am sure you too would not be so strong when people are judging you and telling lies about you day in and day out. your words would be somewhat kinder if you had exposure to this industry as all is not what it appears to be on the surface there is a much bigger agenda going on here. Hatred is not the way… that is what these people want and you appear to be reacting exactly the way they want people to.

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