Malaysian Psycho Mother Beating Her 8-Month Old Helpless Baby

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About: Malaysian Psycho Mother Beating Her 8-Month Old Helpless Baby

Malaysian Mother Beating Her 8-Month Old Helpless Baby. this is so crazy

20 Comments For "Malaysian Psycho Mother Beating Her 8-Month Old Helpless Baby"

  1. alzahraa
    11 May 12, 10:53pm

    i hope the baby its ok.. where is the baby?is she ok now?i hope the doctor can observe her situation the baby..

    • kayla
      16 December 12, 10:02pm

      I wish i was there i will beat her ass

  2. NataliaAndreia
    12 May 12, 9:57pm

    Bitch, i hate you and i hope you day the same way in prison.Poor baby,i´m crying;(((

  3. NataliaAndreia
    12 May 12, 9:58pm


  4. 14 May 12, 4:34am

    i think they have to kill that women and if i was there i was gonna beat that bitch women like she was beating that poor baby im craying

  5. 14 May 12, 8:04am

    Bitch women i hate you so so much
    i hop the baby is okay and i wish u sty in jail for all of ur life and they beat u so much
    u no how much i crayed for that baby and when i all ways remember that baby it make me cray and i have a brother he is 1 year and 1/2 after that i will love him so much and i will never say anything bad to him i will bay him what ever he want

  6. aamina
    15 May 12, 4:41pm

    wat a fuckin cunt she should rot in hell- soo feel like goin and beatin the crap outta dat bitch. coudnt finish watchin it coz it was 2 sad. poor baby hope the babys alrite. its good she wont c her mum again 

  7. aamina
    15 May 12, 4:45pm

    the babies only fuckin 8 months old

  8. aamina
    15 May 12, 5:07pm

    her excuse is coz she got raped but whod wanna rape some1 as fuck ugly as her!! 
    nd wat excuse iz dat

    • Kim
      19 September 12, 12:40pm

      How did u find that out omg I want to find out morr about this store and if anything been done about it poor kid might not even survel

  9. Babalinda
    15 June 12, 5:35pm

    I want to fucking beat the piss out of her and what about all them idiots an filming God will take care of all of them in his way So don’t pray cause it’s to late

  10. ashley
    03 September 12, 3:05pm

    oh my god!!! I hope this woman gets punished severely!!!!
    I have an 8 month old daughter, i could never EVER do somehting like this to her!
    I couldnt even watch the whole video! I dont want to! This is absolutely terrible! What kind of person abuses their child like this?! Children are helpless! There is nothing that baby {Or anyone!} could have done to desserve such treatment! I cant stop crying! This is so awful! Im so angry!
    This has ruined my whole day!!!!

  11. Kim
    19 September 12, 12:22pm

    Omg I hope to see that bitch cause I wound rippe that bitch arm off and wipp her ass with a wire that poor baby what a mother I won’t even kill or wish her death cause that to easy for a punshment ill make the bitch suffer any one know if the baby been taken away from this bitch and for the one who recording this shit why the fuck u didn’t help that poor baby mutherfuckers

  12. justine
    21 September 12, 5:37am

    you dumb fukin mole if i got a hold of u i would smash u in the face that much bitch u wouldnt get up and how i would love to ripp ur fukin head of u stupin fuckin slut my heart goes out to you little angel its a shame u were brought in this world by someone so cruel i wish i could giv u the life u deserve hope you are alrite

  13. Freya Behrndtz
    21 September 12, 1:47pm

    I get that the woman hitting the baby is mentaly sick but WHY DOES NO ONE REACT TO THE FUCKING IDIOT FILMING IT?! SHES THE ONE WHOM NEEDS HELP! SHES THE REAL HELP

  14. helda
    22 September 12, 12:07am

    OMFG. I don’t blame the mother because she might really have a mental illness, but who the fuck is behind the camera. Why isn’t that fucken camera person stopping it? and why the fuck would you post something like this up. Sigh. It breaks my heart.

  15. 22 September 12, 12:34am

    is there even a reason and im gonna kill that lady until she dies and i dont care if she is scared im gonna rip her body aprt that bitch she is gonna go to hell nd im gonna make sure she dies the ugly bitch im gonn a ripp of her arms and also her dumb family that didnt even stop it

  16. jess
    22 September 12, 6:08am

    she seriously needs help like wtf who could do that to their own child its not accomplishing anything ew i hope she dies slowly

  17. nicole brinson
    09 October 12, 2:05pm

    wtf u need some fuckin help who the fuck would beat that baby like that. i hope this bitch gets raped and beat up every day in prison or watever she at … sick bitch

  18. albolena
    10 November 12, 10:15am

    wtf this is terrible i hope shie die

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