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Super Human Strength Pull Ups!!

by ComeWatchMeTV
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P90X2 – Inside Look At P90X 2!

by TV Junkie
Well, here it is folks, the sequel to the best-selling home workout program of all-time, P90X2! I have combined all of the pre-release trailers together into 1 convenient video, enjoy!

Rick Dipietro Vs Brent Johnson GOALIE FIGHT Johnson KO

by ComeWatchMeTV
The fun began with a collision between DiPietro and (who else?) Matt Cooke(notes) of the Penguins, with his team up 3-0 at home over the Islanders with 16.5 seconds left in the game. That led to a scrum in the corner and to Brent Johnson removing his mask, skating down the ice and challenging DiPietro to a fight. Johnson shoots lefty; that’s the hand that dropped the Islanders goaltender. (Luckily, it didnt appear DiPietro shattered on impact, despite being Rick DiPietro.) DiPietro was given 2 minutes for interference and for leaving the crease, and 5 minutes for fighting (er, uh, taking a punch?). Johnson was given 2 for leaving the crease, 5 minutes for fighting, a 10-minute misconduct and a game misconduct. Heres a different slow-motion replay of the punch, via MSG and VERSUS: Brent Johnson – After the game, Johnson said hes actually no stranger to fisticuffs. This is the first time [Ive fought] in the NHL, Johnson said. I had a couple fights in the minors and a lot in Juniors, but this is the first opportunity Ive had and being up 3-0 and seeing [Dipietro] come out and hit one of our guys, so not a better opportunity than that and I jumped at it. Afterwards guys were excited, he said. They didnt know I had that little mean streak in me. It was something Ive kind of wanted to do for a little while. Maybe a little frustration at some things and it just all came out tonight.
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